Allison Grim

Allison Grim

January 3, 1899

New Cases In Court

James P. Foster vs. Allison Grim, et al.

On the 1st day of December, 1897, Mary M. Grim, sister of the plaintiff and of the defendants, Eleanor W. Pancake and Eliza Chenoweth, and wife of the said Allison Grim, died leaving the plaintiff and the defendants her only brother and sisters, and Allison Grim, her relict, who are her only heirs at law. On the 26th day of Dec. 1898, a paper writing purporting to be the last will and testament of said Mary M. Grim, bearing date of Feb. 17, 1887, was presented and admitted to probate in the probate court of this [Madison] county. By the (?) of said paper writing, the defendant Allison Grim, is named as the sole legatee and devisee of the said Mary M. Grim. Said paper writing is not the last will and testament of the said Mary M. Grim, and the plaintiff therefore prays that an issue be made up as to whether said paper writing is the last will and testament of the deceased.

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