Obituary of William F. Grim

William F. Grim, the subject of this sketch, was born December 21, 1844, died April 15, 1909. He was the son of Alexander and Jane Grim. September 8, 1867, he was married to Martha Morgan, who, with their two children, Mrs. Cora Cox and George Grim, survive him. He has been a resident of the vicinity of Madison Mills for the past 49 years, and by great industry and economy was enabled to leave his family in very comfortable circumstances. In the year 1879 he became a member of the White Oak M.P. Church, and has ever since been a great aid to the church financially and spiritually, as his life is an example of strict integrity, loyalty, industry and uprightness. Many have been the compliments passed on him as being an ideal neighbor, kind to his devoted wife and chilren who very deeply mourn his loss. No deserving neighbor was ever refused his aid in time of need. He spoke ill of none, thus had many frineds. He was a Union soldier, having enlisted as a private in Company K, 8th Ohio Volunteer Cavalry. His death reminds us once more "That the ranks are growing smaller with the coming of each day." How glorious must be the decline of life of a surviving soldier of the Union in blue, whose last feeble and lingering glance beholds the glorious ensign of the republic now known and honored throughout the world. Rest, noble spirit, in thy grave! We know you are among the good and true where a "robe of white" is given for a faded coat of blue. Thus was the life of our subject. Missed by his family, missed by his surviving comrades of the grand old G.A.R. and a host of friends whose pleasure it was to know him, but at home in heaven.

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